"She is the only person who has touched my eyebrows in the last 12 years."
VOGUE, Celia Ellenberg - A Cheater's Guide to Growing Out Your Brows

"I was told by the chicest and best-browed people I know that the woman for that job was Manhattan brow guru Jimena Garcia, whose own Kahlo confections and thick-framed spectacles immediately confer icon status upon her."
VOGUE, Lena Dunham on How Microblading Saved Her Eyebrows

"Likening the practice to trimming a bonsai tree, she’s found that big brow growth, similarly, is largely about the finer detail."
VOGUE, 4 Rules for Grooming—Not Over Grooming—Your Eyebrows

“Her highly customized artistic approach to brows eschews trends in favor of bringing each client’s beauty to the next level, something-along with her magnetic personality-that has drawn in top editors, celebrities and influencers.”
ANGELENO, The It List 2018

"Jimena's delicate, transformative touch has attracted legions of high-profile clients seeking her individualized approach."
ANGELENO, 10 Things to Covet Right Now

“Once Jimena got her talented little hands on my face, not only did she totally reshape my brows, she made me reconsider why I was ever so afraid to change them in the first place!"
THE FULLEST, On Point Tips from Hollywood’s Brow Guru, Jimena Garcia

"Jimena Garcia is a brow goddess. Shaping and sculpting the brows of everyone from celebrities to Vogue editors, it’s fair to say that Jimena is the best in the biz."
THE FULLEST, Brow Guru, Jimena Garcia is On Point

"With yogi-like calm and amazing precision, the grooming guru who inspires incredible devotion amongst her bi-coastal clients will help you make a commitment to big and beautiful brows."
REFINERY29, 17 Fail-Proof Spots For Scoring Your Best Brows EVER

"We’re taking beauty lessons from brow queen Jimena Garcia, whose own brows rival those of Cara Delevingne."
REFINERY29, 36 Products New York Beauty Pros Swear By

"A week before the big day, I spent 30 minutes with Jimena Garcia.... who creates a more trim, tailored look."
INTO THE GLOSS, Emily Weiss' Little Wedding Black Book

"Jimena Garcia is the GLOWIEST brow guru in the game. Shaping and sculpting brows is her specialty, all while being one of the brightest lights that we know”
HOW YOU GLOW, Brow Healing

“She’s talented, but it’s her energy, her wisdom and the humor she brings to every interaction that takes it to the next level."
THE MOMENT, How To Be Spiritual and Groomed

"Jimena Garcia, whose clientele flock from Los Angeles back to New York just to have her tweeze, tint, and shape their brows, creating the perfect shape and tint is an art form."
W MAGAZINE, Mia Adorante - The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Eyebrow Shape For You in 2018

"When my time with Jimena was over, I saw a subtle—but noticeable—transformation."
VANITY FAIR, An Eyebrow Experience at Tenoverten

"Bicoastal eyebrow virtuoso."
TOWN & COUNTRY, Where Beauty Insiders Go to Unwind

"NYC and L.A. eyebrow expert."
GLAMOUR,  Here's How to Get the Exact Brows You Want

"Bicoastal brow whiz, Jimena Garcia."
WOMEN'S HEALTH, Spring Beauty Special: Arches Au Naturel

"Brow expert."
C MAGAZINE, Fall Weddings Resource Guide: Beauty+Fitness

"She’s now translated her interest in fine art to women’s and men’s faces, creating the most beautiful portrait possible through the brows."
CAP BEAUTY, Profile: Jimena Garcia

"If eyebrows are having a moment (which they clearly are), then Jimena Garcia is at the helm of the movement."

"A bicoastal brow wizard known for enhanced natural arches and organic vegetable dye–based brow tints."
VIOLET GREY, Top Flight: Brow Artists

"While her aesthetic is, in her words, 'enhanced natural,' she doesn’t see brows as one size fits all."
VIOLET GREY, The New Generation of Brow Artists

She is a bi-coastal brow goddess who is, quite literally, shaping this beauty trend."
SAKARA, Inspired Life: Jimena Garica, Celebrity Brow Guru

“Her approach is 360 degrees and focuses on the power of food as medicine, and as a vehicle to enhance our innate beauty. "
SAKARA, A Smoothie For Your Hair

“I meet with Jimena Garcia, the high priestess of eyebrow shaping.”
MR & MRS SMITH, Paradise Found in Malibu

“To get to the bottom of this, I consulted bicoastal brow guru Jimena Garcia for the 411.”
WELL+GOOD,*This* Is How To Tell When It’s Time To Get Your Brows Done

"Brow dedication is worth it, says Jimena Garcia, a jet-setting brow specialist who sees clients in Los Angeles and New York City. "
WELL+GOOD, 5 Tricks To Naturally Gorgeous Eyebrows

"Her commitment to (big) beautiful brows is absolute: She scolds clients for plucking between visits and is exacting about shape."
WELL+GOOD, My Five Beauty Obsessions: Jimena Garcia

"Bicoastal celebrity brow specialist that handles the arches of the it-girl crowd."
WELL+GOOD, The Well+Good Guide to Getting Your Best Brows Ever

"For the best results, set consecutive appointments with a specialist. She’ll keep you honest with a long-term plan."
DAILYCANDY, Spring Trend: Thick Eyebrows

"I find myself promising to immediately throw out my tweezers and book consecutive follow-up appointments. This is the type of unquestioning loyalty a lead waxer can inspire."
VILLAGE VOICE, Best Of NYC: Most Eyebrow-Obsessed New Yorker